• How did you come up with the name Edison Optics?

    Edison is the middle name of one of our co-founders, Larry Edison Forth, Jr.

  • Where does the name More to Love come from?

    More to Love is a brand created by Rachel Estapa, who educates and supports plus size people on approaches to positive body image and wellness, enabling all bodies to lead more empowered lives. More to Love eyewear is all about women with fit needs. The eyeglass frames are wider screw to screw, have longer temples and wider bridges.

  • Where does the name Rowdy Gentleman come from?

    Rowdy Gentleman is a clothing brand that was born out of our love for the good times. Labor Day weekend at the lake, 4th of July backyard BBQs, and road trips to the coast. Rowdy Gentleman is for the ski trips, camp outs, and tailgates. It’s for the live music, happy hours, and countless other feel-good occasions that make life fun and exciting. This is the inspiration for every Rowdy Gentleman eyeglass frame. The frames are sophisticated and sophomoric… for the man that never grows up… for the man that works hard and plays hard.

  • Who typically carries Rowdy Gentleman and More to Love eyewear from Edison Optics?

    The typical dispensaries that carry Rowdy Gentleman and More to Love from Edison Optics are independent eyecare professionals. Edison Optics is an independent eyewear company and loves partnering with other independent eyecare professionals… Optometrists, Opticians and Ophthalmologists.

  • How do you ship?

    Our standard shipping is UPS ground. We also offer USPS and FedEx upon request.

  • How do you handle Returns/Exchanges?

    We will exchange frames dollar for dollar for up to 2 years. Contact your sales rep or our headquarters at 844-628-2015.

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Choice Billing Address